Talk… or maybe not.

Okay it currently is 11:19pm and I have to try to go to sleep at 11:30. Lets do this.

I started fall session in school… and I currently love my spanish class & my music class. I love the way that the professors teach, its engaging and you really get a sense of what they’re talking about. Totally different from my art professor. I mean I’m sure she’s great, its just that …. her lectures literally put you to sleep. Haha then again it is art history therefore I really don’t think there is a more exciting way to teach it so I don’t blame her.  But I just find it so interesting that not anybody can really teach… its a gift. Just like how some people are naturally able to socialize and relate to people so well. An example would be my boyfriend, he can just talk to anybody and have a complete conversation with a stranger. I on the other hand cannot. I don’t know what it is about it, really. I just seem to lack the words whenever I try to express myself. Its just as if I freeze up, unable to come up with anything to hold the conversation. It makes me wonder how I even made all of my friends! Haha have I changed? Never really was the outspoken type anyway. Part of the reason why I just fall in love all over again with my boyfriend is because I admire how opposite he is from me. What he’s able to do that I’m not. I’m guessing it must be similar for him too and I’m glad that it balances out between us. But anyway its interesting. I have the habit of over-thinking. Call it a gift or a curse, I really don’t know. Haha I mean sometimes its completely amazing because you come up with all of these thoughts that I’m sure no person would bother to think about it. And other times you just think so MUCH it completely throws you off  o.O I’m happy with it though… I’m comfortable with it.  What about you? Are you bold, outspoken and a great conversationalist? Or are you clueless when it comes to conversations or just a natural thinker who reserves the talk when only necessary?  And how do you do what you do?? I admire people who can connect with others at a deeper level! I guess because I simply can’t haha I think I need to be drunk or something to be more loosened up. Do tell! It is 11:37 now off to bed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Talk… or maybe not.

  1. Haha wellll I’d say I’m a quite person. Very reserved. I pretty much express myself through writing and music and recently blogging which appears to be a form of therapy for me. Letting out all those thoughts running through my head and all. Yeah I’m pretty much the one that sits in the back of the class. Silent throughout. 🙂

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