Earth to Karen!

Incubus- Earth to bella II

You’re treading water successfully
Or are you really?
Don’t you want to see the deep?
It’s not so hard.
Just forgive yourself and
Feel the water over you.

I personally love Incubus. Never gave this song a listen because it is presumed to be associated with Twilight, even though its not. But it just so happened to play when I opened my Mozilla browser and it couldn’t have been any more perfect.

You know, sometimes bad habits get the better of us. Even if we realize the harm it causes in us and others, why is it so hard to change that one tiny bit part of ourselves? I’m almost certain every person has that one thing. And of course it can be anything from always being late, not communicating with loved ones, avoiding family reunions, not going to church, breaking promises, going back to someone when you know you should not, or on a more serious note; addiction.

But isn’t that what a bad habit is? You become addicted to doing something a certain way? How can you break off a bad habit if the last thing on your mind is realizing that in fact it is an addiction? For example, I have the habit of always being late no matter what, where, who, or when, I am late. This is something I picked up earlier in my childhood like lets say 3rd grade or so. I would wake up for school, start getting ready and somewhere along the lines I’d end up late to school. Now I don’t quite remember why being punctual was not enforced since I was so young. Maybe this was lack of enforcement which basically allowed this bad habit of mine. Who knows. The question is how do you change something which has become the very core of me? It is so easy to pick up bad habits and you may not even realize until someone else lets you know. What is your bad habit?

Well the matter of fact is, I have come to the point where too much is at stake to continue this tardy habit of mine. That and other annoying habits. Its nothing but psychology. The only way is to just to learn another habit! A healthy one this time! How can I do this? By tricking my mind into believing I have to be ready at a “fake” earlier time… naturally I will be late but by the time I am late it will actually be a decent time to be ready. Or maybe I can plan out the amount of time it takes to get each thing, make a schedule, and use that as guidance. The key is honesty though. Only you know how much actual time it takes you so plan accordingly.

There are many solutions and alternatives to bad habits. My mother has the habit of drinking coffee for example and in the health that she’s in, it isn’t recommended. Instead of drinking coffee she should be drinking water… a little bit of juice…tea now and then. If she can get in the habit of drinking all of these other liquids, the natural need for coffee will eventually disappear. However its easier said than done. I’ve noticed though, she hasn’t picked up a mug of coffee in a while. Perhaps I should ask her how she stops herself from drinking it. Haha or maybe she has been picking one up and I don’t even know! Anyway what are your recommendations to break our habits and what is your strategy to breaking yours? Or you might just be a perfect person and have nothing but good, healthy habits! If that is you, I envy you >.<


5 thoughts on “Earth to Karen!

  1. First of all, I have to say that I listened to the song by Incubus and I actually liked it, which was a nice surprise since I don’t usually listen to bands like Incubus :] But I have heaps of bad habits and like you said, I didn’t even realize it until someone pointed them out to me. I grind my teeth when I’m angry, I chew on my lip when I’m nervous, whenever I’m wearing a jacket with a zip up the front I stand there for ages just playing with the zip and recently I’ve picked up a habit of drinking a LOT of coffee. It’s my sisters fault though, she introduced me to putting vanilla essence in my coffee and it’s got me hooked but I’m trying to just drink water when I’m at home..It’s not really working though haha. I used to be late for everything so I would set my watch ten minutes fast and in the end I would be early for everything! But it didn’t take long for my brain to say “Oh you have 10 extra minutes, you’ll be fine.” And then I ended up being late all over again, nothing works very long with me haha. I’ve actually never met someone with no bad habits before but if there is such a person I would very much like to meet them 😀 I think they’re mythical though, kind of like the unicorn 😀

    • Haha I’m glad you like the song. I’m actually surprised I liked it too and I’m a major Incubus fan. I actually started the coffee habit too for a bit! When I had a summer job, I would have to be at work at 5:30am and no need to say my best friend was a coffee-holic haha so it didn’t take long for her habit to pass along. I also would use it to stay awake at school by mid-day. But well I’m glad that’s one habit I’ve broken out of 😀 I simply just got into the habit of getting anything BUT coffee! Water is also a better alternative, Its good that its hot during the summer that way the only thing you crave is water. Haha I also tried setting my watch ten minutes fast, even an hour, but it didn’t work too well xD And yes I agree, I think I have a better chance at finding a unicorn than a perfect person, after all we all have our pros and cons.

      • Yeah that’s why I drink coffee, it’s a good way to wake me up and it tastes sooooooo gooooood :] It’s hard for me to break the habit though because I actually never get thirsty, it’s weird and I think water tastes horrible but I don’t like juice either. Haha, I’m such a fussy person sometimes. Yeah that’s true about pros and cons but it would still be pretty neat to find a unicorn as well :]

  2. Oh god! My mother thinks that if she does not drink at least one mug of coffee a day, she will not be able to function properly that day. Ive told her it’s all psychological.
    If only breaking bad habits was that simple. We’ve conditioned ourselves to these bad habits by making it a continuing act which we have eventually gotten ourselves used to. I’ve read somewhere that if you stop yourself from doing which ever habit it may be for 30 days straight, you’d become used to it and your body would recondition itself into which ever new habit it may be.

    • Haha same with mine. But I think now she realized, its better to stop. Honestly I don’t think she would have stopped just for her health alone…but what’s interesting is how she was able to stop for us. And its true that all the times I’ve tried to break a bad habit I’ve only thought of myself alone, not about others. You say for 30 days straight? Haha I should definitely try that. I guess it just takes practice like anything else you would want to get better at and some effort of course.

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