Boyfriend Argument: Backyard

  • Me: Ya sorry was cleaning backyard
  • Him: U don’t have a backyard
  • Me: Lmao then what is it then
  • Him: A sidewalk just in the back
  • Me: Yes a little yard. A backyard. A small backyard. Lol
  • Him: Omg Ruben’s (boyfriend’s douche friend) queefs would smell there
  • Me: Lol what
  • Him: Nigga my point exactly its small
  • Me: No you listen to me chocolate man. I never said it wasn’t small, which makes your point invalid. And if you didn’t know a backyard means 1) A yard behind a house and if you don’t know what yard means 1) A piece of ground adjoining a building or HOUSE. THUS concluding that it is in fact a backyard NIGGA.
  • Him: Nigga in my books that shit is 3 pieces of cement. Which = no backyard
  • Me: Well Nigga you better straighten your books because according to the definition those three pieces of cement = a backyard. And for the record it is more than 3 pieces 🙂
  • Him: Nigga look at my backyard and yours. See and mine is a small house, see Ruben’s mom couldn’t fit in your so called backyard.
  • Me: Of course Ruben’s mom wouldn’t fit in my backyard or my house for that matter. She needs something bigger than Charlie Sheen’s mansion. BUT my point is, the space behind my house is a backyard… and yes way smaller than yours.
  • Him: Hahaha x] I love u babe
  • Me: I love you too<3
  • Me: Nigga you better not start again

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