What the HECK.

I certainly have to admire your ability to always complicate things for yourself! If there ever was an award for it, you certainly would be number 1! You don’t even realize the one who will face the consequences is no one else but yourself. There are people counting on you and everything you have done so far has disgraced their sacrifices. You better think of a way to make up for all the wasted time, better have some last trick left under your sleeve, better think of something real fast! Seriously what are you planning? Who the in world is going to help you out? Who will guide you step by step through everything? No ONE! Sure some will gladly help you out and give their best advice but it is all on you. I don’t know sometimes I start thinking that maybe people ARE right. Maybe you really are careless, irresponsible, and immature! After all that is the only thing your actions have shown. Isn’t that all we are? Our actions define us? Words sure are pretty but how many have the balls to follow through with them? Right now girl, you are pretty ball-less. You need to grow SOME! GROW UP! GROW UP! GROW UP! You are twenty now! Not a teenager anymore, there is no excuse, time is slipping’ by and there is  no second chance…  And there is no way in hell…


No way in hell..

That in the future years you will find yourself sitting down, full of regret..angry at the world and yourself for being unable to surpass the hardship. There is no way you will let others make of who you are, label or belittle you, to even think they know what you are all about… Only you know who you are. All that of which you are capable of… Your undying ability to hope and to love…That burning desire within..that yearns you to make your life worthwhile for humanity. Why? You may ask.

…Because even after everything and everyone inhuman possible in existence…. there’s still a few good within us.

Don’t let foul words taint your beautiful soul.




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