Today was rather odd. I actually had a decent time. I felt as though I had this strange, magnetic aura surrounding me and I also carried myself with confidence. Not only that, I was also being social for once! Everything was clicking right away and I had a perfect response for each sentence that was being said! Usually I am always in day-dream mode…stuck! I really have to remain in that attentive state more often. I believe it would be very beneficial, the problem is it only happens so rarely. The other times I am more or less “present” but my mind is running off somewhere else…  Was it the lack of sleep? I noticed last night I was also rambling and rambling. Granted it was 2 in the morning but… I just find it interesting. What about you guys? Ever feel more attentive and sociable on certain days?  Or is everyday like that for you?

I’m sleepy. I’ll continue on tomorrow. Sleepy time for now 🙂


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