Love life strikes

Why would you text me…?

Why make it that much harder?

I don’t want us to pretend like you’ll end up by my door, convincing me to return to you, because we both know that you won’t..

And for once I know I won’t. I’m tired of doing all the chasing and all the settling for us. 

Despite my feelings, how can I ever return knowing you will always look at us.. look at me as the damned one.. As if “with you I can tell our relationship will just end up being horrible, I can see it, we won’t make it down the road, I’m just saying it won’t be good because you can’t change” are words I could take lightly.
..and no I can’t change, if you expect me to become a voiceless, pushover, girlfriend then obviously you are right.
Whatever I had said before about it being okay that we were complete opposites, that I always knew from the beginning, only I embraced it and you did not. I now I take it back. I can’t be that person you want me to be. It’s just that simple.
And I find it unbelievable that you can “perfectly” predict such a future about us based on our disability to like the same things or voice the same opinions. Since when was it mandatory to be an exact twin of your significant other?
Well now, 
You got one thing right, except your timing was a bit off because fortunately for you,
We won’t ever know now whether things would have worked between us, maybe they could have. 
I mean I’ve spent three years with you, we must have been doing something right…. I’m just not and I won’t ever change into that person you want me to be. 
What would the point of happiness and harmony between us be if I’m not myself, if i am not who I really am?
Can you really say you love me then…


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