My trigger.

I wrote this on April 8th, 2014 and I just had to share it because it was a ridiculous morningwallpapers-Black-Cat-eyes-1366x768.


Today is not my day. As I was leaving for my 9:30 class, my dad asked if I had a spare tire in my trunk, because apparently he got a flat. As he was asking though he remembered that my trunk is all messed up (car accident, other driver uninsured) so I have to manually tape it up so that it closes. Anyway he went back inside the house and I was about to leave but once I saw his flat I knew that putting air wasn’t going to help anymore. I parked and turned my car off, rolled the windows down and took the keys out. I then went and took the tape off and the spare tire from the trunk. I watched as my dad began to change the tire (this was my chance to finally learn lol) and well a while after he was done and all was well. I was happy that he was able to go to work and so he put the tire on the passengers seat and we waved out goodbyes. I went to my car, sat down, put the keys in the engine to turn it on and then (. .._______) my car didn’t turn on. Hahah, oh how silly, I thought well I’ll just call my dad so that he comes back. So here we are trying with his own separate battery/charger cables and it’s totally not doing anything. Perhaps the battery charger doesn’t work? Well the handle broke for some reason. There goes that. One of my lovely neighbors out of the many that saw us struggle outside offered us her jumper cables and said I could keep them incase my car died again. What a nice lady. We proceed to jump start the car and hmm strange, it’s not doing anything. Perhaps her cables are faulty? There seemed to be no current what so ever. Anyway we finally give up, obviously something else is the problem. At that point I could forget about my 930 class. My dad then goes towards the red Altima that used to belong to
my uncle. We haven’t used it since he passed away , one of the tires bleeds air and the battery is probably dead by now. We connect the jumper cables and try to start it but….. Eh not quite working either. I noticed the current right away, the cables did work. But even a half hour later after trying and trying, the red car was not going to start. Damn, well isn’t this just perfect? We gave up and my dad headed towards the store to see if he is able to buy a new battery for it. Maybe it will work, I don’t know but thank goodness I asked my brother’s lovely girlfriend for a ride just in case it doesn’t. Anyway, what the hell universe? Seriously……? u_u Cant a family catch a break here.